Let us introduce ourselves

We’re Pmeghji. For decades, we’ve been synonymous with quality, efficiency, innovation and customer service. Our obsession with great food and fantastic beer, wine and spirits has earned us the reputation as Fiji’s premier food service provider.

We work with only the best local and international food and beverage providers to distribute their products to the countries leading Hotels, Resorts and Supermarkets.

What sets us apart?

We are innovators in the food service industry, always growing and adapting to suit the needs of our customers and of our partners. As a family-owned and run business we pride ourselves on ensuring that our service is world-class, so our partners can rest assured knowing that their delivery will be on-time and their products handled with care.

Our highly focussed team build lasting relationships with both partners and customers. We recognise great work and reward our staff accordingly. We are focussed on employee retention, so our partners and customers get consistent quality service time and time again.

Partnering with us

We help brands like yours establish a strong presence in Fiji, by providing access to the nation’s supermarkets, hotels and resorts. For generations …

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Servicing the nation

Our distribution network reaches from the mountains to the sea. But we realise that it’s not only reach that’s important, it’s also about …

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Global & Local Mix

We believe in the strength of both internationally branded products and locally sourced offerings. That’s why we carefully curate …

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